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www.lowes.com/survey is the official site to take a Lowes survey and win www.lowes.com/survey $500 login. Lowe’s allows the customer to share their feedback. Lowes Customer Satisfaction Survey lets you win a chance to enter a $500 monthly sweepstakes.

If you have no idea about How to take Lowes Survey, Then no worries we are here to help you to take Lowe’s Survey and give detail about Lowe’s Survey, Lowe’s Survey Rules, Rewards and many more.

Below, we have mentioned all the things in detail. Please read it and complete www.lowes.com/survey and win a $500 login.


www.lowes.com/survey $500 login – Lowes Survey Details

Survey Namelowes.com/survey
Survey Sitelowes.com/survey
Sponsored CompanyLowe’s Companies, Inc.
Age Limit18 above
Available LocationsUnited States & D.C.
Receipt Validity ForSeven days
PrizeFive $500 cash checks for winners
Entry LimitOne entry per person monthly
Entry MethodOnline survey and mail-in method
Is a purchase necessaryNot necessary if you opt for the Mail-In method
Winner Selection CriteriaRandom Drawing
Entry PeriodFebruary 4, 2023 – February 2, 2024
AdministratorCohen-Friedberg Associates, Framingham, MA 01702.
SponsorLowe’s Companies, Inc.

Lowe’s Survey Rewards – www.lowes.com/survey

Every month, five winners are chosen. Everyone who wins will get $500.

The prize will come in the form of a check to the winner.

The prize pool is worth $2500, which is $5 times $500.

How to Take the Lowe’s Survey and Win $500 at www.lowes.com/survey?

It’s easy to fill out this poll, but there are a few boxes you need to mark before you can start typing:

Lowe’s Survey Rules

  • It would be best if you legally lived in either the United States or Canada.
  • You must be 18 years old or older.
  • You will need a recent Lowe’s receipt that has an invitation to the study on it.

www.lowes.com Survey 2024: Step-by-Step Guide

  • Go to the survey website: Go to www.lowes.com/survey in your browser. 
  • Pick Out a Language: The poll can be filled out in English or Spanish. Choose the one that makes you feel the best. 
  • Type in the receipt Details: Take out your receipt and enter the 18-digit number that’s written on it. 
  • Fill in the blanks: Think about your last visit and be honest about everything, from the staff’s helpfulness to the available products. 
  • Take part in the contest: You will be asked to enter the sweepstakes after you finish the poll. Just say “yes,” fill out your information, and cross your fingers! 

Send Mail to this Address:

Lowe’s Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes,

  • P.O. Box 2274,
  • Framingham,
  • MA 01703-2274, USA.
  • By taking the Lowe’s survey, a person can enter to win a $500 sweepstakes. If you take the lowes.com/survey, you can win a $500 check.

Take By Offline With Phone

  • Dial the Lowe’s survey phone number: 1-800-445-6937.
  • Listen to the instructions and select your preferred language.
  • Enter the recent visit time.
  • Answer the survey questions honestly and thoroughly using the phone keypad.
  • Please provide your contact details to win.
  • Wait for the confirmation message and note down any validation code or offer details.

www lowes com survey $500 login

www.lowes.com/survey $500 login is nothing but the official homepage of www.lowes.com survey to access the feedback survey.

What are the Requirements of the www.lowes.com survey?

  • Lowe’s store receipt with an ID Number.
  • A laptop, PC, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Ability to read and understand English or Spanish.
  • Age of the user above 18 years.
  • One receipt is only used once by one person.

www.lowes.com/survey Benefits

Lowe’s Survey Rewards/ Prizes encourage customers to share valuable feedback.

Engaging in the Lowe’s Survey doesn’t just offer one benefit but a whole bunch of them. Here’s what you can get:

  • By taking part in the survey, you have the exclusive chance to win a $500 gift card voucher that you can use to buy anything from Lowe’s stores.
  • Additionally, every month, five lucky participants will have the opportunity to grab a $300 check.

Lowes Customer Survey to Win $500

Don’t miss the opportunity to be the winner of the incredible prize that could be up to 500 Gift Coupons that are offered by the official Lowe’s Customer Satisfaction Survey on www.lowes.com/survey every month! Leave your feedback for Lowe’s via the Lowes survey and you will be one step closer to registering for their sweepstakes.

Lowe’s Survey Terms & Conditions – www.lowes.com/survey

You agree to follow the terms and conditions when you take the Lowe’s Survey.

Enter the sweepstakes and win a prize. If you do, you agree that the Sweepstakes Entities, their parent, subsidiary, and affiliated companies, employees, officers, directors, agents, representatives, and prize suppliers will not be responsible for any actions, claims, injury, loss, or damage that happen because of the sweepstakes, including entering, accepting, or using the price.

Also, you agree to protect the Sweepstakes Entities from any claims made by third parties.

The Sweepstakes Entities may use your name, voice, image, biographical information, city and state of residence, and Survey entry materials in promotional materials or programming around the world forever without paying you anything else unless the law says otherwise.

The Lowe’s Sweepstakes Entities are not responsible for entries or communications that are lost, stolen, misdirected, incomplete, incorrect, garbled, or hard to understand; technical problems; data corruption; unauthorised access or changes; injuries, losses, or damages caused by the prise or participation; printing or typographical errors; or any damage to computer systems.

The Sponsor can end, change, or halt the Sweepstakes for any reason that is outside of its control. The Sponsor may also not let you enter or win if they think you are cheating or trying to stop the Lowe’s Survey Sweepstakes from running properly.

If you win, you must go to a federal/state court in Statesville, North Carolina, which is only recognised by the state of North Carolina, to file a lawsuit or make a claim.

Lowe’s Survey Winner Selection & Notification

The Lowes monthly Sweepstakes choose a winner randomly on a schedule. The Administrator has announced the 2023/2024 drawing dates.

Depending on the case, sweepstakes winners will be told by phone, email, or overnight mail. To know the Sweepstakes winners list visit this link.

The winner must respond to the Lowes Sweepstakes administration within seven business days of notice.

Lowes Survey $500 Sweepstakes Entry Guide

There are two ways to participate in the Lowe’s sweepstakes:

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Lowe’s cash register receipt holders can take a customer satisfaction survey at www.lowes.com/survey.

An Alternate Method Of Entry

Make sure you handprint your details on an A4 5-inch card. The details should include your full name, address (note that there are no PO Boxes) City Name State Name, ZIP Code, age, daytime phone number, and email address (optional) Insert in the envelope.

Send this envelope to Lowe’s 2023-24 Customer Satisfaction Program $500 Monthly Survey Sweepstakes. P.O. Box 2274 Framingham, MA 01703-2274, USA.

How do I get a lowes survey?

It’s quite simple to get a lowes survey. Make a qualifying purchase at Lowes during the promotional dates and you will get a receipt with the Lowes survey code. Use this Lowes survey to tell them about your visit to www.lowes.com survey

What are Lowe’s Customer Survey Tips & Tricks?

  • Be sure to register for these sweepstakes as soon as possible. have the obligation to do it after passing the test.
  • There is no survey invitation? Go to the store, buy some small items, and save the receipt. Poof, you now have the invitation to take part in a survey.
  • You can only be entered once a week to be the winner of $500. However, there’s a drawing each month, so you can take part each week (you only need to have the invitation to take part in the survey.

About Lowes Survey

Lowe’s is an American budget home improvement store. North Carolina formed it in 1921. The US, Canada, and Mexico have Lowes discount stores.

Lowe’s Supermarket is the most popular. To get feedback from its customers lowes started taking surveys on its online platform, which is known as WWW.LOWES.COM/SURVEY.

Where customer can share their feedback and get a chance to win $500 Gift Coupons. Lowes survey is a simple way to find out areas where Lowes can improve their services as per customer feedback. 

Lowe’s App

Lowe’s App

To download the Lowes mobile app, click here.

Sweepstake Entry PeriodsHow to order online at Lowes?

Amazing Facts About Lowe’s Store

  • Lowes is the second largest chain of hardware in all of the globe, located just behind the Home Depot store.
  • In the United States as well as Canada, lowe’s operates stores in more than 2,355 locations.
  • Lowe’s is the second-largest chain of hardware in the United States.
  • There are over 3,00,000. Employed in Lowe’s supermarkets.

Lowe’s Survey Contact Support – www.lowes.com/survey

Sponsor: Lowe’s Companies, Inc., 1000 Lowes Blvd., Mooresville, NC, 28117.

Administrator: The Cohen-Friedberg Associates LLC, Falmouth, MA, 2536.

Website: www.lowes.com.

Survey Support: surveysupport.medallia.com.

Other Contact Info: www.medallia.com/contact.

Survey URL: survey.medallia.com/?lowes-pos.

Help Desk: 080 676 74000.

You can also participate in the Survey by scanning the official QR code to access www.lowes.com/survey.

Lowes Near Me – www.lowes.com/survey

You can also find a complete list of Lowe’s stores near you by using the Lowe’s store locator.

Conclusion – www.lowes.com/survey

Lowes is dedicated to providing customers with the most satisfying experience. This is why they encourage customers to purchase At Hardware stores throughout the US.

If you’ve just stepped into a Lowe’s store, ensure you keep the purchase receipt. Go to the Official website lowes.com/survey to win $500 in real cash.

So, If you don’t have to buy something, you can still take part By sending an official letter. I hope that you find this helpful Article.

Thank you for reading the blog about the Lowes Survey. Access www.lowes.com/survey within seven days of your purchase date. For more updates, keep visiting www-lowes-com-survey.info.

FAQs – www.lowes.com/survey

How do I fill out a Lowes survey?

Visit the Lowes survey page at Lowescomsurvey.co to start the poll. After going to the official page, please choose the language you want to use, either English or Spanish. Participants must fill out the details on their receipts after choosing the language they want to use.

How many Lowes surveys can I do?

All online poll responses must be sent within 7 days of the date of receipt. LIMIT: Each person or email address can only be entered once a month, no matter what way they choose.

How do I give feedback to Lowes?

Please call us at 1-800-445-6937 if you have any problems or questions about the site, customer service, shipping, or your order. It’s in our Terms and Conditions that you give Lowe’s a non-exclusive licence to use any reviews you send in.

What is Lowe’s email address?

You can call Lowe’s Customer Care at 1-800-44-LOWES (56937) or email them at [email protected]. Please include your Order Number when you get in touch with us.

Does Lowes have a survey for employees?

The simple thing that Lowe’s does to do this is listen to its workers. Through its yearly poll, it can learn a huge amount about how its employees feel about the company, their role within it, and how they see the leadership.

How do I give feedback to Lowes?

Reviews of goods have to be made in English. Make sure you only look over the thing itself. Please call us at 1-800-445-6937 if you have any problems or questions about the site, customer service, shipping, or your order.

How do I participate in the Lowe’s survey?

The “Lowes Survey” is the name of the customer satisfaction poll that Lowes runs. Customers who want to enter the monthly drawing could fill out the poll at www.Lowes.com/survey. Participants in the Lowes poll could get a $500 gift card in exchange for their time.

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