is the lowes survey legit ?

is the lowes survey legit

Lowe’s, the popular American home improvement store, has been a target of various scams and fraudulent activities, and customers must be aware of them. One common scam involves Lowe’s surveys and gift cards.

Scammers may send out fake emails or social media posts, asking customers to complete a survey in exchange for a gift card.

However, Lowe’s has confirmed that they do not offer gift cards for likes or shares on social media, and they urge customers to be cautious of any such claims.

Another scam that was reported in February 2022 involved an email that offered an “exclusive reward” for taking a 30-second satisfaction survey.

This is a classic phishing tactic used by scammers to steal personal information, so it’s important to never click on any suspicious links or provide any personal details.

Customers have also reported fake Lowe’s surveys promising free Kobalt tool sets. These surveys often require personal information like name, address, and phone number, which can be used for identity theft or other fraudulent activities.

Customers should be cautious of any surveys that ask for personal information and only provide such information if they are confident about the legitimacy of the survey.

Lastly, there is a scam website called that sells various products at very low prices. However, it is likely part of a larger interconnected scam network based in China. Customers should be aware that the website is fraudulent and not affiliated with Lowe’s.

In summary, Lowe’s customers should be cautious and verify the legitimacy of any offers, surveys, or websites related to the store.

If in doubt, it’s always best to contact Lowe’s customer support to confirm before providing any personal information or making any purchases.

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