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Looking for reliable customer care for your Lowe’s purchases? Look no further than Lowes Customer Care! Whether you have questions about your order, need help with a return, or want to provide feedback, Lowe’s Customer Care is here to help.

This article covers everything from how you can contact Lowes Customer Care.

Lowes Customer Care

What Is Lowes Customer Service Number?

To reach Lowes Customer Service, dial 1-800-445-6937. Obtain the information you want and inquire about any problems with Lowe’s goods.

Here you can find out all the contact numbers for lowes different departments

Department Number
Toll-Free Number1 (800) 445-6937
Lowe’s Credit Card1-800-444-1408
Lowe’s Business Advantage 1-800-444-1408
Lowe’s Commercial Account1-866-232-7443
Lowe’s Consumer Credit Card1-800-444-1408
Lowe’s Business Rewards 1-866-537-1397
Sales & Installation Services 1-877-465-6937
Lowe’s Repair Service1-888-775-6937
Lowe’s Online Order Customer Service1-800-445-6937

How quickly will a customer care representative return your call?

The amount of time it takes the customer care rep to return your call could differ based on the policy of the company as well as call volume. the average wait time for customer support varies between 8 to 10 minutes.

Lowes Best Toll-Free/800 Customer Phone Number

This Lowe’s phone number is the best. It has a real-time wait on hold and tools to skip through phone lines to reach a Lowe’s agent. This number is Lowe’s best phone number because 9,108 customers have used it over the past 18 months.

We also received feedback. Common problems addressed by the customer care unit that answers calls to 800-445-6937 include Missing items, Returns, Warranty, Product issues, Delivery/Installation Problems, and other customer service issues.

Instead of calling Lowe’s first and trying to get them to help, you can describe your problem first. We can recommend a way to reach them via email, phone, or social media.

Lowe’s currently has two telephone numbers. I can only sometimes determine the best way to contact Lowe’s representatives, so we began compiling this information from customer suggestions.

Share your experience with us so we can improve this tool.

Contacting Lowes Customer Service Online

You can reach them through social media if you prefer to avoid speaking directly with a Lowe’s customer service agent.

This method of contacting customer service reps will take longer than calling them. If the company receives too many messages and requests daily, it is possible for agents not to see your message.

I recommend calling Lowe’s customer support to get your answers right away.

What are Lowe’s Customer Service Hours?

Lowes’s Hours of customer service for home improvement stores can differ depending on the locality.

In general, the hours of service for Lowe’s generally range between 8 am And 8 pm from Monday through Saturday, and between 8 am and 7 midnight on Sundays.

Always make sure to verify the specific opening hours by going to their website or by contacting them directly.

Lowes Corporate Office Complaint Department

Should you be facing a problem that you’d prefer to address with the Corporate Office of Lowe’s You can reach the customer service department of Lowe’s.

They will assist you in connecting to the right channels to address your issues.

Contact the Department of customer service at Lowe via phone at 1-800-445-6937, or by completing the contact form online through their website.

When you contact them, you must be specific about your concern along with relevant information like order numbers or details about your account for a speedy resolution of your problem.

Lowe’s Customer Service Chat

If you’d like to talk with someone from the Lowe’s customer service rep via chat or by phone You can do so on the official webpage of Lowe’s and click “Chat With Us”.

“Chat with Us” option. The chat will open in a window that allows you to submit your concerns or questions while a rep will reply to you immediately.

You might have to provide basic details like your email address and name in order to begin the chat.

Make sure you have all pertinent details regarding your inquiry or concern to assist the agent in helping you in a more efficient manner.

If you’re struggling to find the chat feature Try contacting Lowe’s customer service at 1-800-445-6937 or using their contact form online.

Tips for Getting a Fast Response from Lowe’s

Here are some tips for getting a fast response from Lowe’s customer service:

  • Customer service at Lowe’s can be reached over business hours by going to one of their stores and talking to the staff there.
  • Use Lowe’s online chat with a live customer support representative, which can be found on their website.
  • Set benchmarks for how quickly your team needs to respond to customer inquiries or customer service questions and make sure everyone knows these goals.
  • Record the time that passes between receiving the message and providing the response to track your response times.
  • Use several contact channels, like email, phone, and social media, so that customers can reach you in the most convenient method for them.

Lowes Contact Information

  • Customer Care: 1 (800) 445-6937
  • North: 1-877-505-4923
  • South: 1-888-516-1010
  • West:1-877-695-7664

Corporate Office Address

  • Lowes Companies, Inc.
  • 1000 Lowe’s Boulevard
  • Mooresville, North Carolina 28117
  • United States


Lowes Customer Care is a reliable and effective resource for customers seeking support with their home improvement needs.

Here you can everything you need to know about Lowes Customer Care. Contact us if you have any queries related to this post.


How can I contact Lowes Customer Care?

You can contact Lowes Customer Care by phone via email, chat, or phone all day, every day of the week.

Does Lowes offer technical support for appliances and electronics?

Yes, Lowes Customer Care offers technical support for a wide range of items, including electronic appliances and other gadgets.

How can I track my order from Lowes?

Yes, Lowes Customer Care offers technical support for a wide range of items, including electronic appliances and other gadgets.

Can I return a product I purchased from Lowes?

The answer is yes, Lowes allows returns of the majority of products within 90 days from the date of the purchase. Certain restrictions could be in place.

What should I do if I have an issue with a Lowes credit card?

You can reach Lowes Customer Care for support for any questions with the use of your Lowes credit card.

How long does it take for Lowes Customer Care to respond to an email?

Lowes strives to answer all inquiries from customers within 24 hours.

Does Lowes offer installation services for products purchased from their store?

There is a possibility that Lowes provides installation services for a variety of products they offer. You can reach Lowes Customer Care to learn more about the installation services available.

Can Lowes Customer Care help me with a product I purchased from a third-party seller?

Lowes Customer Care is typically only able to provide assistance for products bought through Lowes. However, they might provide assistance or guidance for other purchases.

Is there a fee for contacting Lowes Customer Care?

No, contacting Lowes Customer Care is free of charge.

Can Lowes Customer Care provide me with product recommendations?

Yes, Lowes Customer Care can provide product recommendations and assist with product inquiries.

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