Lowes Return Policy

Lowes Return Policy – When you’re looking for products for home improvement, Lowe’s is a popular place for contractors, homeowners, and DIY enthusiasts too.

There could be occasions when you must return an item for diverse reasons, including an alteration in plans or a damaged item.

That’s where understanding Lowe’s return policy becomes crucial. I’ll go into great detail about Lowe’s return policy in this depth guide, giving you all the information you need to successfully complete the procedure.

Lowes Return Policy

What Is The Lowes Return Policy?

Return Period 90 Days
Return Method In-store or Online
Exceptions Major appliances & certain outdoor power equipment
Exchange Period 90 Days
Exchange Method In-store or Online
Refund Period 7-10 business days
Refund Method Original payment method
Extended Holiday Returns Yes
Official Website www.lowes.com

How To Return Items to Lowe’s?

Lowe’s return policy allows you a 90-day period to return the majority of items. This can be made simple by two options available to the returner:

Returning Items In-Store 

You are able to take the item that you would like to return to the local Lowe’s store, and comply with these instructions:

When you are in the Lowe’s store, look for at the desk of customer services, or the designated area.
Keep your purchase receipt prepared.
Display a valid identification document like a driver’s license or passport, state ID, and military ID.

Additionally, you can receive a return barcode that you can present to customer service to return your purchases using the following methods:

Online orders: Select “Online Orders” on Lowes.com’s Check Order Status page. Enter your email and order number and click “Check Order Status.”

Store purchases: Check Order Status on Lowes.com and select “Store Purchases.” Enter your email address or phone number and the P.O. number or order number on your store receipt, then click “Check Order Status.”

Returning Items by Shipping

Ship it if you don’t live near a Lowe’s store or don’t want to return it in person. Visit Lowes.com’s Check Order Status page to start your return online.

When you ship items, be sure to follow these steps:

The box items are packed with all materials and manuals from the manufacturer.
Print a return label to fit inside the package. Print one shipping label to be placed outside the box.
Send the item back to us by delivering it to the post office in your area or any other parcel shipping service.

Returning Items Without a Receipt

If you are unable to locate your receipt and want you could return something hopes are not lost. For the majority of purchases, Lowe’s can find your receipt by using any of these information pieces:

The credit debit card that is used for purchasing the product
The information from the checking account that is used for purchasing the product
The MyLowe card
Your telephone number

After the receipt has logged within the system, you’ll receive a refund or credit to the store, based on the discretion of Lowe as well as the validity of your receipt.

How Many Return Days Does Lowe’s Give You?

Lowe’s return policy states that you have a period of 90 days to return the items in their stores.

What is the Return Policy on Major Appliances?

You have only 48 hours from the date of pickup or delivery to return the appliance.

(NOTE: This is brand new in the early 2023 timeframe, it was 30 days for appliances.)

There is a MAJOR one exception rule is appliances that are returned in their original, unopened sealed, undamaged factory packaging. They still have 30 days to return them.

However, I was left wondering what is “Factory-Sealed Packaging” on a refrigerator they pull out of the box before they transport it to your kitchen.

I called Lowe’s and I was informed “If you didn’t have the refrigerator delivered in a container and you did not receive it in a box, then you aren’t obliged to put it back in a sealed container. Don’t worry about it. It only affects customers who dispose of the packaging.”

Let me know in the comments section in the comments if you’ve had a different experience with this new variation to their policy on returns.

Are There Other Exceptions to the 90 Days?

There are exceptions, and here are some…

  • Holiday Seasonal Winter/Holiday Items – Must be returned by the 31st day of the holiday season.
  • Outdoor Power Equipment – 30 days.
  • Trailers for 30 days.
  • Plants 365 days a year. More details on this are below.
  • The only thing you can do is return trailers to the Lowe’s shop in the same condition as when you purchased them.

Do You Need Your Receipt?

When you’re not able to find a purchase receipt Lowe’s will usually call your credit card or even your telephone number to get the order information.

If they don’t have evidence of the purchase, they’ll usually give you a credit in-store at the price of the item.

Take note that should attempt to return too many products to Lowe’s without receipts, they could limit your returns or refuse the items completely.

What If You Paid with Cash or a Check?

A receipt is not required for an exchange or refund if you pay with cash or personal checks.

Lowe’s will be able to look up your purchase using your number. Therefore, make certain to give a telephone number when you check out.

It is evident that this is only valid for purchases made in-store.

Can I Return Used Outdoor Power Equipment?

If you purchased a chainsaw, weed eater, blower, or just about everything that uses gasoline, I was advised by an employee that you could return the item after 30 days.

However, you must drain all gas out of it before returning it and you must keep the receipt.

What About Online Purchases?

The same 90-day refund policy applies for purchases made through Lowes.com.

Many items purchased on the internet include a prepaid shipping label, which is cool.

Simply repackage it with your original package, the manual, and any other parts, and then send it back for free.

It’s even simpler to bring the items back to a local Lowe’s store if there is one nearby.

When you return a product via mail, you’ll pay the original shipping cost

Can You Return Items Bought In-Store via the Mail?

If returning items to the shop isn’t feasible, you could return the items by post.

Since you don’t have a pre-paid shipping label You’ll need to contact Lowe’s direct toll-free at 800-445-6937 to begin returning the package.

What About Defects That Happen After 90 Days?

It is possible that you are qualified for some relief if the product or appliance you purchased has a defect after your 90-day return window ends.

Simply call Lowe’s by dialing 1-800-77-LOWES to make an appointment with a factory-certified technician.

If repairs are covered by the warranty of the manufacturer, you will not be costing a cent.

What’s the Return Policy on Plants?

The return policy on plants varies depending on the seller or retailer, and it’s important to carefully read their policy before making a purchase.

Gift Cards…Can You Return Them?

The only way to return a stolen or lost gift card is by showing an original receipt.

If the gift card is accepted, Lowe’s will reissue a new gift card to pay for the balance remaining.

Lowe’s Return Policy Open Box

Yes! Lowe’s typically refunds the money you paid for an item to the debit card used to purchase the item. The refunds can take up to some time to process and appear on your account.

Also, If you have questions ask the Lowes Customer Care team at Lowe’s to get help.

Lowe’s Refund to Debit Card

Yes! Lowe’s typically refunds the money you paid for an item to the debit card used to purchase the item.

The refunds can take up to some time to process and appear on your account. Also, If you have questions ask the customer service team at Lowe’s to get help.

Contact Details

📞Customer Care: 1 (800) 445-6937

📞North: 1-877-505-4923

📞South: 1-888-516-1010

📞West: 1-877-695-7664


In Conclusion, Lowe’s has a pretty sweet return policy compared to other retailers. You get a longer grace period of 90 days and a 1-year warranty on most products.

Make sure you check whether there are any provisions that do not apply within the small print prior to purchasing your item. If you want to return something or are unsure, Lowe’s has flexible policies

However, the store does have rules which are why it’s always mentioned to ask questions before purchasing.

And hey, don’t forget to check out www-lowes-com-survey.info for a chance to share your feedback and help Lowe’s improve their services!


What is the time frame for returning items at Lowe’s?

The majority of new, unopened items can exchange or exchange with proof of purchase within 90 calendar days from the initial purchase date.

What is the exception to the 90-day return policy?

Unless otherwise noted by the Return Policy.

What items are eligible for return at Lowe’s?

The majority of “new and unused” items can return.

What do you need to provide to return an item at Lowe’s?

Proof of purchase as well as an ID that is valid.

What are the options for a refund at Lowe’s?

Refunds in full in-store credit, a full refund, or an exchange.

What is the return policy for major appliances at Lowe’s?

You have only 48 hours to return your major appliances.

Can you return items to Lowe’s without a receipt?

For the majority of products that aren’t second-hand, they can return to get a full reimbursement and store credit for up to 90 days.

What is Lowe’s return policy for used items?

The policy is only valid for brand-new and unopened merchandise.

Can you return items purchased online to a Lowe’s store?

Yes, you are able to return your online purchases to a Lowe’s store.

What is Lowe’s return policy for damaged or defective items?

Lowe’s will replace or reimburse defective or damaged products.

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